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Replacement parts

When it comes to the supply and expert installation of a wide range of quality auto parts, there is only one name that you need to remember. Here at Lonsdale Auto Electrical, we stock a diverse range of electrical auto parts and accessories from top brand name manufacturers, and we can supply them at highly competitive prices.

The auto parts that you need when you need them

From hard-to-obtain light globes and automotive electrical components to all types of cable and wiring, we have the auto parts that you need for your make and model. If you need car electrical accessories, we carry a diverse range of those too, right here on the shelf ready for fitting. We only supply top-quality auto parts that are consistent with our outstanding reputation as a leading auto electrical services provider for the Canberra region.

Helpful and friendly auto parts supply

In the highly unlikely event that we don’t have the particular auto parts that you are looking for, we will do our best to source them on your behalf.

Thanks to our extensive industry history, we have established a large network of auto parts suppliers. Through them, we can often source many of those hard to find or obsolete components that are not obtainable elsewhere.

Replacement parts

Large range of parts

Lonsdale Auto carries a comprehensive range of all electrical spares including all types of automotive cabling and wiring.

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