Engine management system repairs in Canberra

Engine management system repairs

Apart from classic and vintage cars, virtually every car, light truck, SUV, and van on the roads is now controlled by an on-board engine management system. In the event of a fault or failure, these increasingly complex components require intervention by technicians who are expert in engine management system repairs.

Vehicle-wide diagnostics

Vehicle-based electronic management systems have developed at an almost bewildering pace over the last few decades. Where they were once only responsible for such things as fuel injection and ignition systems, they are now programmed to interact with everything from the vehicle’s suspension and brakes through to the engine valve timing and control of the exhaust emissions. Using what is best described as an on-board computer, these systems are managed independently, but integrated to work in unison and respond to constantly changing driving conditions.

Expert engine management system repairs by skilled technicians

Our highly trained technicians are experts in tracing and rectifying engine management system faults quickly and efficiently. Through the use of the most up-to-date technology and methodology, we can save you money on workshop labour that many less well-equipped auto shops are likely to charge you for. While they track down the same issues using a process of elimination, our modern systems can pinpoint the problem in no time.
Engine management system repairs


Hi-tech diagnostic equipment in the hands of skilled technicians is required to interrogate vehicle management systems for everything from the correct fuelling of the engine to the second-by-second adjustment of the suspension.   

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