Cruise control repairs and installation in Canberra

Cruise control

It is an unfortunate fact of life that motoring can be an expensive business whether you only use your car to drive to work and back or if you drive thousands of kilometres every year for business. With the increased use of speed cameras and enforced speed limits on the highways, our Command Cruise Control has established itself as an invaluable and cost-effective driving aid.

Cruise control for safety and comfort

Not only will our cruise control system save you the inconvenience and expense of speeding tickets, but it is also a major contributing factor towards fuel economy. It is designed to make your driving safer, easier, cheaper, and more relaxing. Everyone will agree that comfortable and relaxed drivers make our roads a safer environment for everyone that needs to use them.

A cruise control system that is tailored for your vehicle

Thanks to its custom microprocessor, the Command Cruise Control system combines all of the safety features and functions that are required to gain the optimum results from its installation into your vehicle. The system also comes with a total self-diagnostic feature for both installation and maintenance.
Cruise control


Talk to one of our expert technicians today and discover how the Command Cruise Control system can enhance the safety and economy of your vehicle.

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